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To dig and delve in nice clean dirt can do a mortal little hurt.
  —John Kendrick Bangs

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Water conservation has become the most important element in the development of a healthily sustaining and aesthetically pleasing garden.

A WaterWise Garden found in dappled shade with a variety of textures found in a shrub, perennials, groundcovers, and grasses, sharing a common micro-climate and sporting a well-matched color palette. A solid copper outdoor light fixture anchors the scene and offers an added dimension after dark.

Our approach to landscape planning includes the thoughtful use and conservation of all natural resources, resulting in lower maintenance and a more efficiently managed garden.

You have your own needs, desires and dreams when approaching the organization of your personal outdoor spaces. WaterWise Garden Design provides you with the tools, plan and process to help realize the ideal landscape for you and your family. GET STARTED NOW.

Do-It-Yourself Project


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Turn your down-spout into a functional and beautiful alternative:
a rain chain.
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WaterWise Plant of the Month


Mahonia bealei
--Broadleaf evergreen
--Zones 6 to 8
--Height to 5 to 6 ft.
--Spread to 3 to 4 ft.
--Many drought tolerant varieties available

WaterWise Tip of the Month

Get a free soil test...
Soil testing is the best way to check on what food is available to a plant under stress from lack of water. Learn how to get a free soil test and what action you need to take to convert your dirt to beautiful rich loamy soil. Begin here.


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Sign up now for our upcoming WaterWise Garden Design Workshop. This is a fast-paced, information-rich seminar that leads you to greater success in conserving and managing the wise use of water in your garden.
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